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Exhibition showcases beauty of Wudang Mountains

2020-05-18 16:50

China's scenery is renowned for many reasons. One major attraction are the great mountains that lay across the country's land mass.

Online photos show Silk Road in Seoul

2020-05-18 14:49

On May 15, the China Cultural Center in Seoul launched an online photo exhibition on the Silk Road, part of the Visiting China Online series of virtual shows.

China's world heritage highlighted in online show in New Zealand

2020-05-14 13:52

The 14-day online display of world heritage in China, launched by the China Cultural Center in Wellington, saw its end on May 11.

Online exhibition showcases splendid Hubei in South Korea

2020-05-13 15:55

The China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched an online exhibition on Hubei's natural wonders and cultural heritage, trying to help local people to appreciate the beauty of Hubei in a most convenient way.

Chinese bamboo culture delights Fijians

2020-05-12 13:36

The China Cultural Center in Fiji has recently put a photo exhibition on its new media platforms highlighting bamboo, a plant that has played a significant role in Chinese culture and people's daily lives since ancient times.

Visiting Beijing online launched in Mauritius

2020-05-11 15:00

The China Cultural Center in Mauritius recently launched a series of online exhibitions and film shows about Beijing.

Thai host teaches Mandarin online in Bangkok

2020-05-11 11:18

On May 10, the China Cultural Center in Bangkok launched an online Mandarin class on Facebook, Line, WeChat and other social media platforms.

Documentary uncovers hidden mysteries of thangka

2020-05-09 10:30

A treasure of the Tibetan people, thangka has a history of more than 1,300 years in China. A documentary under the same name, exploring the hidden secrets of this art, was released by the China Cultural Center in Seoul on its official website and social media on May 8.

Exhibition on Chinese characters launched in Sydney

2020-05-08 10:51

Anyone who has studied mandarin, no matter how long, knows that Chinese characters play a dominant role in the language. Unlike the letters in English, each Chinese character has its own meaning and history.

New Zealand China Cultural Center’s tai chi classes go online

2020-05-07 16:32

Since "staying at home" has become normal for New Zealanders, the tai chi class at the China Cultural Center in Wellington has moved its teaching activities into an online classroom. The Online Tai Chi Chains activity initiated by the center is quietly spreading on Tiktok in the form of short videos

Musical salutes to medics fighting COVID-19 released in Seoul

2020-05-07 11:28

Music is always a source comfort in times of peace, war or epidemic. The China National Opera House's indoor mini opera A Sunny Day and music video Together found their way onto the official website and social media accounts of the China Cultural Center in Seoul on May 4.

Online exhibition showcases natural beauty of Dalian

2020-05-02 15:32

Recently, an online exhibition, featuring the beauty of Dalian in Liaoning province, was launched by the China Tourism Office in Soul.

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