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London hospital celebrates Chinese New Year

2020-02-14 16:03

St George’s Hospital in Southwest London, the largest hospital in Europe, held a Chinese New Year celebration on Feb 7, marking the first time for a UK hospital to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Chinese Lunar New Year parade held in Manhattan's Chinatown

2020-02-10 15:35

People watch the Chinese Lunar New Year parade in Manhattan's Chinatown of New York City, the United States, Feb. 9, 2020.[

Seven things you may not know about Lantern Festival

2020-02-08 12:06

Feb 8 is the Lantern Festival (or Yuan Xiao Festival in Chinese), a traditional Chinese festival with great significance, which is on the 15th of the first lunar month, marking the end of New Year celebrations.

UK celebrates Chinese New Year with music

2020-02-07 14:50

The third Belt and Road China-UK International Music Festival was held in British cities, including London, Oxford, and Cambridge, from Jan 14 to 20 to usher in the Year of the Rat as well as boost cultural exchange between the two countries.

Debut of Zigong lanterns brightens Santiago, Chile

2020-02-07 14:48

Thirty groups of lanterns, shaped like pandas, dragons and other traditional designs shined at a 10-hectare park in Santiago, Chile.

Chinese New Year celebrations held in Wellington, New Zealand

2020-02-05 08:45

Chinese New Year celebrations were held on Saturday in Wellington, New Zealand, featuring lion dance, Chinese opera and traditional Chinese papercutting. During the celebrations, Wellington Mayor Andy Foster and others present prayed for China as China is battling coronavirus outbreak.

Chicago Chinatown celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year with parade

2020-02-04 14:59

Around 18,000 people crowded the streets in Chicago's Chinatown on Sunday afternoon to watch the annual Chinese New Year Parade, with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a special guest.

Across China: Livestreaming, a new way for New Year purchasing

2020-02-04 14:58

Leading up to the Spring Festival, livestream broadcasters wear red scarves in their livestreaming sessions, introducing new clothes and local specialties to their fans in studios decorated with red lanterns and firecracker decorations.

'Susu' China! Stay strong Wuhan!

2020-02-04 11:27

The 2020 Happy Chinese New Year program in Thailand generates positive energy, and the people of the world send blessings to China.

Chinese lanterns seen at temple in Bangkok

2020-02-04 10:32

Chinese lanterns are seen at a temple of Bangkok, Thailand, Jan 28, 2020. 

Chicago enjoys the wonder of China

2020-02-04 08:28

About 100 people gathered in the Claudia Cassidy Theater of the Cultural Center in downtown Chicago on Saturday to watch four short documentary films about Chinese culture and photography.

Dumplings win out in Spring Festival food survey

2020-02-03 14:16

Dumplings, a staple on the dinner table for many in festival seasons, led the race as the favorite dish for Spring Festival.

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