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From confused lives to deadly mudslides, five takes on life

2017-09-09 07:54:54

If you know anything about the BRICS bloc and its activities, you may be under the impression that it's all about dry economics and politics.

Mixing diplomacy with a film festival

2017-09-05 05:36:43

While the leaders of BRICS countries pledged increased cooperation at the annual summit in China's Xiamen, Fujian province, their Belgian embassies echoed the commitment by launching a film festival on Monday in Brussels.

Five-country co-production film Where Has Time Gone to release worldwide

2017-09-04 13:38:16

Where Has Time Gone, a feature-length co-production, was the opening film at the upcoming 2nd BRICS Film Festival, held in Chengdu June 23-27.

Annual film festival promotes growing cultural exchanges

2017-09-04 07:44:14

The second BRICS Film Festival, held in late June in Chengdu, showcased excellent films from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, promoting cultural exchanges among representatives.

Cultural ties draw B&R nations closer

2017-09-02 08:14:03

Fujian province, a core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, has launched a range of overseas shows and art exhibitions in recent years to promote Chinese culture along the ancient trade route.

Movie coproduced by BRICS countries to be showcased at Xiamen BRICS Summit

2017-08-31 15:02:47

With the ninth BRICS Summit to open in Xiamen, Fujian province, Where Has Time Gone?, the first movie coproduced by five BRICS countries, will be showcased at the summit, giving an insight of cinematic cultures and customs.

Indian publisher wants to build better neighborhood ties through books

2017-08-30 10:59:15

A Chinese tea leaf travels past the border to India to serve as a bind between tea lovers and peoples of Asia's two largest neighbors.

Magnificent landmarks of BRICS countries

2017-08-13 12:18:24

Each country of the BRICS has its magnificent landmarks, which present its glamour and uniqueness to the whole world.

More China screenings for acclaimed co-production by BRICS filmmakers

2017-08-29 16:29:57

After winning the Artistic Merit Award at the second BRICS Film Festival in Chengdu two months ago, "Where Has Time Gone", a co-production by directors from the five BRICS countries, will be shown to the public at the upcoming summit in September.

Five-country coproduction to open BRICS film festival

2017-04-27 08:11:29

Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke has teamed up with four established directors from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa to make a movie.

See globalization throught art

2017-01-03 07:11:22

An ongoing exhibition examines the economic, social and cultural transformations of the BRICS countries. The works on display show how artists react to these shifts. Lin Qi reports.

BRICS countries to boost cultural exchanges, cooperation

2017-07-10 13:08:09

Representatives from BRICS countries ink an action plan on cultural cooperation during the second meeting of BRICS ministers of culture in Tianjin, north China, July 6, 2017.

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