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Wuzhen: Ancient town with modern outlook

2016-11-18 09:58:32

The 3rd World Internet Conference was held at Wuzhen International Internet Exhibition & Convention Center from November 16 to18. The center nestles along the east bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Designed by Wang Shu, a professor from China Academy of Art.

Magnificent night view of Wuzhen

2016-11-17 12:40:53

A photo taken on Nov 16 depicts a night view of Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. The third World Internet Conference is held at the ancient town from Nov 16 to 18.

Building bridges

2016-11-16 09:43:17

Wuzhen's signature waterways reflect the town's glorious past.

Idyllic scenery of Wuzhen 'water town'

2016-11-14 16:22:07

A look of Wuzhen in Zhejiang province.

World Internet Conference to be held in Wuzhen

2016-11-14 14:54:21

A series of photos of Wuzhen where the third World Internet Conference (WIC) is being held in this month.

A taste of Wuzhen

2016-11-09 08:53:14

As an ancient water town, many of the traditional customs of China are preserved in Wuzhen, food is no exception.

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