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Hakka Tulou Houses of Yongding County

Updated: 2014-12-30 09:34:37

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The Tulou house is a kind of large scale residential building that provides a place for clansmen to live compactly. It also has defensive function. Since the walls are usually built by rammed earth, the building of this kind, therefore, is called Tulou house. Yongding County is located in the southwest part of Fujian Province. The place is famous all around the world for its beautiful landscape, unique Hakka culture, and magnificent Tulou houses. In ancient times, the local Hakkas who fled from the disturbances caused by war in the Central Plains built many blockhouse-typed building to protect themselves, thereby, avoid conflicting with the original residents. These buildings are Hakka Tulou houses. In the 2200-odd-square-kilometer land of Yongding, there are more than twenty thousand Tulou houses distributed, among which, almost five thousand are large scale ones with more than three layers. These Tulou houses depend on natural village as units and integrate the blue sky, the vast ground and beautiful natural scenery into a whole. The whole sight of this is magnificent and breath-taking.

The structure of the Tulou houses is integrated by earth and wood. There are more than twenty construction forms, in which the most common ones are round and square.

Huge Tulou houses can accommodate dozens of families of a large clan and enable the members to enjoy the happiness of several generations living together. Compared with other Hakka regions, Yongding Tulou houses are unparalleled in terms of scale and number with its special historical background. The Tulou houses here are almost perfect in construction techniques and functions, and their moldings are also equipped with high aesthetic values. These Tulou houses all have a long history, large dimension, and profound connotation, and are all well preserved. They are unique in the folk Tulou houses around the world and help to interpret Hakka culture in all aspects.

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