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China's earliest musical instrument discovered in Hubei

2015-01-07 08:45

Cultural relics of musical instruments have been unearthed from a complex of tombs possibly dating back thousands of years in Zaoyang city, Central China's Hubei province, on Jan 5, 2015.

National zodiac stamp exhibition held in Suzhou

2015-01-06 16:52

A national stamp exhibition on the Chinese zodiac is underway at the Suzhou Library in East China's Jiangsu province and will end on Jan 7.

US museum presents Pan Gongkai's ink paintings

2015-01-06 14:32

A solo exhibition of distinguished Chinese artist Pan Gongkai (b. 1947) is now underway at the Frye Art Museum in the United States until Jan 18.

The 2015 Palace Museum datebook goes viral

2015-01-05 17:03

The 2015 datebook published by the Palace Museum has been selling well since it hit the shelves last year. Sales of the 66 yuan ($10.59) datebook via the Internet are high as well and the calendars are sold out at many online stores.

Ming ancient tower destroyed by fire in Dali

2015-01-04 14:41

Fire burned Gongchen tower, a 600-year-old structure, in an ancient city in Weishan county, Dali prefecture, Yunnan province, to the ground on Jan 3, 2015. By 4:48 am, the flames that engulfed the 300 square meters of the tower were put out.

Discovering beauties on the Silk Road

2015-01-03 09:13

Cities along the Silk Road are enormous treasure troves of history, culture, architecture and the arts. A photography competition held by the imaging and optical producer Canon Inc invited photographers to focus their lenses on these Silk Road jewels.

Yuanmingyuan beast heads on show in Shandong

2014-12-31 11:01

The heads of four beasts of the Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace) – an ox, tiger, monkey and pig - are on display at the Shandong Museum in Jinan.

China sees museums grow to 4,165

2014-12-29 11:37

The number of museums registered in China has reached 4,165, which doubled in the past 10 years, according to new figures revealed on Dec 25.

Chinese novel in The Economist's annual best books

2014-12-26 17:04

The English magazine The Economist announced the best books of the year with Chinese writer Mai Jia's novel, Decoded, on the list.

Pastel art museum to open in E China

2014-12-26 14:34

A private museum aimed at advocating pastel paintings will open to the public for free in Suzhou, Jiangsu province starting Jan 9.

Love-themed subway train attracts visitors on Christmas Eve

2014-12-26 11:34

The first love-themed subway train in Zhengzhou, capital city of Central China's Henan province, made its debut on the evening of Dec 24, 2014.

Taiwan novelist wins plagiarism case against mainland scriptwriter

2014-12-26 09:14

Popular Taiwan romance novelist Chiung Yao has won her plagiarism case against mainland scriptwriter Yu Zheng, a Beijing court announced on Thursday.

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