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Ancient wood-cut toys still popular in Southern Shandong

2015-08-11 07:00

Tancheng wood-cut toys are a traditional handicraft, originating in Southern Shandong province. Its long history is also rich in local flavor.

Preserving the legacy of natural fermented soy sauce

2015-08-11 05:00

Modern people tend not to give much thought to the making of soy sauce, as the traditional brewing method, or fermentation, has long been replaced by a chemical process, which is much more productive.

Overseas Chinese in Sweden Mark 70th Anniversary of Victory of WW2

2015-08-10 16:00

Overseas Chinese in Sweden celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the anti-fascist and anti-Japanese wars in Stockholm.

The Royal Stage of Imperial Palace in Shenyang under repair

2015-08-10 15:27

The Royal Stage of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang, capital of Northeastern China’s Liaoning province, is under repair.

Lavender in full bloom in Northern China

2015-08-10 09:57

In Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, about 200 mu (13.3 hectares) of lavender here are in full bloom.

Wet and wild

2015-08-10 07:40

Men and women getting into a swimming pool and having some clean fun is much better than having parents hawk their marriage like yard sale.

Torch Festival kicks off in China's Guangxi

2015-08-07 15:28

People of Yi ethnic group hold torches to perform a parasite expelling ritual in the field during the Torch Festival in Bake village of De'e Township in Longlin autonomous prefecture in Baise, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Aug 6, 2015.

Museum on hairdressing set to open its doors in Beijing

2015-08-07 13:39

A museum dedicated to hairdressing, the first in Beijing, is set to open in late August on Jiu Gulou Waidajie in the capital.

Traditional oil paper umbrellas shine in modern age

2015-08-07 09:56

Although oil paper umbrellas have lost their practical function today, they are still attracting modern customers in another way.

Stars of future set to shine at international festival

2015-08-07 09:22

Artists from six countries will appear in four Chinese cities during the first Future Star International Arts Festival that runs until August 21.

Old traders' temple is banker's opera venue

2015-08-07 09:19

Cheng Yuanna took a deep breath as she walked to the stage at Zhengyici Theater, believed to be the only preserved wooden theater of its kind in Beijing with more than three centuries of history.

New designs reclaim imperial fashion

2015-08-05 07:29

The Palace Museum will launch a jewelry series that replicates the fashion styles of ancient empresses, a move seen as its latest attempt to promote traditional Chinese culture through creative products.

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