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Monkey King poised for a film encore

2015-06-19 07:00

As one of the most populous fictional icons inspiring at least 100 movies and TV series over nearly 90 years, the Monkey King will has its latest film adaptation to hit next year's Spring Festival season.

Workshops highlight saving intangible heritage

2015-06-18 16:38

A major three-day international training program, a workshop on practices to safeguard intangible cultural heritage, wrapped up in Quanzhou, Fujian province, on Wednesday.

Master artist strives to preserve Tibetan calligraphy

2015-06-18 15:41

48-year old Banjue became an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday

2015-06-18 09:04

This year, the Dragon Boat Festival will fall on June 20.

Woman behind the artist

2015-06-18 08:15

Liao Jingwen, widow of famed painter Xu Beihong, devoted her life to his legacy, Lin Qi reports.

Top Chinese fashion designer showcases work in Copenhagen

2015-06-17 13:53

The topic of the second lecture of Chinese Culture Talk is the same as last one. It was held at the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen on June 16.

Gov't to provide ancient culture textbooks

2015-06-17 11:37

Chinese officials will undergo traditional Chinese culture education since in September through textbooks to enhance their skills, the Chinese Academy of Governance said Monday.

First encyclopedia of Chinese intangible heritage released

2015-06-16 09:31

The first encyclopedia of Chinese intangible cultural heritage was unveiled on June 12, a day before the national Cultural Heritage Day, which was established a decade ago to raise awareness on efforts to safeguard the country's traditions.

Return of a goddess

2015-06-16 07:11

Finally, the Goddess of Mercy smiles again on pious pilgrims - with even more golden glitter than before.

An Exploration of the Beauty of Chinese Clothes

2015-06-15 13:42

The first lecture of China Culture Talk focus on the history of Chinese clothes and Chinese style fashion.

Villagers aim to revive their folk traditions

2015-06-12 16:35

Fish Lantern Dance—a folk tradition very popular in the suburbs of southern China's Guangdong province—has seen a revival recently, thanks to a group of avid villagers.

Holland in focus at Open Day

2015-06-11 14:13

Under the banner "A Look at Holland", the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing held an Open Day last Friday.

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