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Meditation activity held in 4th World Buddhist Forum in Wuxi

2015-10-25 14:05

Monks participate in an activity with the theme of "meditation at present" during the Fourth World Buddhist Forum in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province, Oct 24, 2015.

China pastel festival held in E China

2015-10-25 09:16

A visitor poses for photos with a 3D pastel work created by an American artist during the 2015 China pastel festival at Ligongdi scenic area in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, Oct 24, 2015.

In pics: straw installations created by local villagers

2015-10-24 13:57

Photo taken on Oct 23, 2015 shows straw installations created by local villagers in the fields of Gugang county, Liuyang city, Central China's Hunan province.

McDonalds showcases toy show for China anniversary

2015-10-24 13:39

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of McDonalds in China, the company is presenting the Magic McDonalds Toys show at the Super Grand Mall in Shanghai till Nov 1.

Traditional grass linen: a national intangible cultural heritage

2015-10-24 09:36

Rongchang Xiabu from Chongqing was inscribed on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2008.

Ancient rock carving museum opens in SW China

2015-10-20 16:58

A museum displaying China's World Heritage Listed rock carvings opened its doors to the public in Southwest China's municipality earlier this month.

Painter puts awareness at heart of exhibition

2015-10-20 14:50

Kunming-based artist Fan Yourong is showing two series of oil paintings, Girl and Out of the Corner of Eyes, at her solo exhibition titled Contextual Soliloquy.

Lang Lang, Yang Tianwa awarded 'Echo Klassik' prize in Germany

2015-10-20 14:43

Chinese pianist Lang Lang poses with his trophies after the award ceremony of Echo Klassik 2015 at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, Germany, on Oct 18, 2015.

Imagine needlework on delicate canvas

2015-10-20 07:47

A three-storied house in a narrow lane in downtown Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province, appears to be a museum with a large-scale exhibition going on.

Christie's adds new category to fetch Chinese buyers

2015-10-20 07:24

For foreign auction houses that aren't legally allowed to sell Chinese antiquities on the mainland, an important strategy is to create new collection fields.

Fresh bricks in old wall

2015-10-20 07:17

More funds, greater awareness needed to preserve one of the world's ancient wonders, Wang Kaihao reports.

Pianist Zhu Xiaomei: Communicating Lao Tze through Bach

2015-10-16 09:46

"I was told to be prepared for the audience to leave, but no one left - no one ever made a sound," Zhu Xiao-Mei, the pianist who left China in disappointment more than 30 years ago, said she almost regained confidence in the country after the show held in Xi'an last Sunday.

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