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South Africans in China

2015-06-29 10:04

A 12-episode documentary produced by China Radio International, South Africans in China, was released on June 24.

More than 100 Young Belgian Students to Visit China in Mid July

2015-06-29 09:37

Ahead of this year's China-EU Leaders' Meeting in Brussels, a group of Belgian middle-school students are preparing for a trip to China next month to learn more about the country.

Yoga in tai chi land

2015-06-26 07:28

Hundreds visit Southwest China to learn the ancient Indian regimen, Xu Lin reports in Chengdu.

Wine emerges as new link between China, Argentina

2015-06-25 09:27

Wine and the art of wine making have come to serve as a new link that strengthens the bonds between China and Argentina, which have entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Confucius Institutes aim for sustainable development

2015-06-24 14:23

Confucius Institute Headquarters is committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide, it goes all out in meeting the demands of foreign Chinese learners and contributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of a harmonious world.

Chinese brands add preciousness to Milan Fashion Week

2015-06-24 14:12

Chinese elements, refined materials and modern taste highlighted the creations of two Chinese fashion designers, Zeng Fengfei and Ji Wenbo, presented here on Tuesday during the Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.

British theater beams into china

2015-06-24 07:24

Broadcast allows audiences to watch theater being performed on the other side of the world. Chen Jie reports.

Shakespeare gets a Chinese makeover

2015-06-24 07:24

The National Theater of Britain will screen filmed versions of some of its best live productions in Chinese cinemas this summer - and audiences in the United Kingdom will be able to watch some groundbreaking Chinese productions in London.

Chinese elements in Hollywood films

2015-06-23 16:34

Hollywood is looking East, and not just for ticket buyers. It is incorporating more and more Chinese elements into its mega-productions.

Restoring Shanxi's past, building China's future

2015-06-23 06:00

As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, Shanxi can count on its history to anchor its future.It includes the remarkable Old Town of Pingyao, the impressive Jinci Temple and the majestic Residence of the Former Prime Minister Chen.

Pasta lovers at home with Shanxi noodles

2015-06-21 10:22

Drown them in abundant tomato sauce or dip them in soy sauce. Top them with chives or sprinkle them with parmesan cheese. Eat them with chopsticks or handle a fork and spoon. Call them spaghetti or miantiao.

Xiyagou's spectacular exit: Shanxi village tunneled its way to the world

2015-06-20 09:49

The beauty of the mountains of Shanxi province may serve as a lure for tourists, but for the villagers that inhabit the region, the spectacular rock formations and climatic extremes have been obstructions as well as a source of awesome pride.

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