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China Tourism & Culture Week and Food Festival launched in Fiji

2019-05-30 10:19:58

The China Tourism & Culture Week and Food Festival kicked off here on Wednesday night, showcasing China's beautiful landscapes, colourful culture and delicious food.

Toronto to hold Chinese music gala

2019-05-29 09:21:36

A large-scale concert named 2019 Chinese Music Gala is scheduled to be held in Markham Auditorium in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday night, according to the organizers.

Qingdao set to make waves with new international music festival

2019-05-30 08:40:54

Qingdao, a popular coastal destination in East China's Shandong province, is due to welcome its first ocean-themed music festival, the Tsingtao International Music Festival, this summer.

Hometown of Giant Panda woos global tourists in Prague

2019-05-27 10:11:11

Southwest China's Sichuan province, the hometown of Giant Panda, Tuesday held a tourism promotion event in Prague, the capital of the Czech republic.

China's Sichuan province promotes cultural, tourism resources in Israel

2019-05-27 10:23:28

China's Sichuan provincial government promoted its cultural and tourism resources in Israel's central city of Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Welcome return

2019-05-23 08:21:11

When Yannick Nezet-Seguin, music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, packed his bags for his trip to China with the orchestra, he included a pink T-shirt with a picture of a little shiba inu on it.

Belt and Road cultural events to open in Beijing

2019-05-23 17:11:41

Cultural events can be a catalyst for building cooperative platforms for people and organizations in Belt and Road countries.

Serving up Asia on a plate

2019-05-24 07:58:48

An Indian chef is rolling out roti prata onto a kneading board as a Chinese chef makes lamian (hand-pulled noodles), while on the other side of the hall, a Japanese chef prepares sushi.

A campus to remember

2019-05-24 08:34:13

The number of international students flocking to China to pursue higher education has been soaring over the past decade.

Museums, galleries fuel closer cultural ties

2019-05-23 10:42:07

Cultural exchanges and integration between Japan and China have been developing like the flow of a great river, and museums and art galleries are the carriers of Japanese and Chinese culture, said Motoaki Kono, curator of the Seikado Bunko Art Museum, as he marked International Museum Day on May 18.

Exhibition celebrates 70 years of China's symphonic evolution

2019-05-23 10:43:52

An initiation ceremony for an exhibition celebrating Chinese symphonies was held in Beijing on May 19.

Czech orchestra winds up China tour

2019-05-23 10:49:00

For the 70th anniversary of the start of China-Czech diplomatic relations, the Czech Philharmonic will conclude its performance tour of China on May 23 after visiting seven Chinese cities including Nanjing, Beijing and Wuhan.

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