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Wu Bai looks back on endless days

2015-06-01 07:26

About one year ago, Taiwan rock musician Wu Chun-lin, more popularly referred to by his stage name, Wu Bai, spotted a young man riding a motorcycle along a narrow path in a small village in southern Taiwan. The young man was singing loudly, a guitar strapped to his back.

Music that binds the world

2015-06-01 07:13

The Choral Arts Society of Washington and Qingdao Symphony Orchestra are touring China.

Stellar ants displayed with digninty

2015-05-29 07:16

Artist Chen Zhiguang uses common stainless steel to make people notice the humble creatures.

Jackie Chan launches Olympic music week

2015-05-28 14:58

Kung fu superstar Jackie Chan has joined officials in Beijing to launch the Olympic Music Week.

Beijing Modern Music Festival opens

2015-05-28 14:24

The annual Beijing Modern Music Festival raised its curtain on Sunday with a symphony concert at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Wang Huangsheng unveils first UK solo exhibition

2015-05-27 15:36

Famous Chinese artist Wang Huangsheng has come to London for the official opening of his first London solo exhibition, which is being held at the October Gallery in central London until June 20, 2015.

Van Gogh to brighten up Beijing from August

2015-05-27 15:02

Those who can’t make it to Van Gogh Alive, currently being staged in Shanghai, have another chance to experience the multimedia show in Beijing from August.

Xinjiang show talks of 1950s China

2015-05-26 15:22

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Xinjiang Production and Construction Acrobatic Troupe, an acrobatic show, titled In That Remote Place, was staged in Beijing on May 22-23.

Xinjiang's people and culture inspire Lin Feng to paint

2015-05-26 07:57

For the past 50 years, Chinese ink artist Lin Feng has lived in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The people and culture of the area has had a major impact on him.

Veteran ink painter still learning at 80

2015-05-26 07:52

Cui Zhenkuan is still seeking change and innovation at the age of 80. With a career spanning more than six decades, the painter has committed himself to pushing the boundaries of ink art.

Jacky Cheung dazzles his Beijing fans

2015-05-26 04:43

Hong Kong pop singer Jacky Cheung staged a Beijing concert to celebrate his latest Mandopop album, Wake Up Dreaming, having sold more than 300,000 copies since its release.

Yue Fei brings a legend to life in Tianjin

2015-05-25 07:37

Aug 30, 2013, was just a regular weekend day in Xiamen in eastern China's Fujian province. But for Huang Anlun, a veteran Chinese composer, it carried more meaning.

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