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Ancient art's new life

Updated: 2024-01-19 06:06 ( China Daily )
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The statue of Amenhotep IV from Egypt's 18th Dynasty. [Photo provided to China Daily]

North comes next

In addition to its People's Square and East venues, Shanghai Museum will also build a new North campus in the coming years.

"After completion, the East venue will mainly focus on showcasing the history of ancient Chinese art. The People's Square venue will take advantage of our collection of international cultural relics, and enhance ties with global art and cultural heritage institutions to introduce more exhibits about overseas civilizations. It will be a platform to showcase diverse global cultures and promote international cultural exchanges," says Chu.

He adds that the northern venue in Yangpu district, which is expected to be completed during the 15th Five-Year Plan (2026-30), will have a special focus on ancient ships and archaeology.

"We hope and believe that tourists from all over the world will learn more about traditional Chinese culture when they come to Shanghai and visit our eastern venue," says Chu.

Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism, points out that the expansion of Shanghai Museum offers citizens better cultural services. The move is also in line with efforts to improve the city's cultural influence globally.

"Shanghai has taken the lead in the country to create a modern public cultural services system. We have seen a growing demand for high-quality, diverse and personalized services," Fang is quoted as saying by Shanghai Observer.

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