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From figurative to semiabstract style, painter steps onto a new level

Updated: 2023-12-11 15:14 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Winter — Four Seasons of Beijing [Photo provided to China Daily]

Ink artist Ren Jianguo's solo exhibition now in Beijing, Ideal and Magnificent Natural Homeland, shows his transition in art from following an approach attentive to details to moving on to a loose, semiabstract brush style in creating Chinese painting in his career.

His early works in the 1980s show an adoption of the traditional gongbi (meticulous delimitations) to giving attention to presenting details and a rich palette.

Since the 21st century he has gradually turned to a more abstract, carefree xieyi style to reduce details, but to more focus on presenting the inner spirit and the atmosphere of his subjects, be it people or landscapes.

Also, he has chosen fewer colors but added moisture to the shades he layers after layers, accentuating a feeling of tranquility.

His exhibition is at the National Art Museum of China until Dec 19.

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