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Chinese embassy in US hosts 'Discover Beijing Opera' cultural event

Updated: 2023-10-17 17:21 ( Xinhua )
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The Chinese Embassy in the United States on Sunday hosted a "Discover Beijing Opera" cultural event at its Public Diplomacy Center in Washington D.C., bringing the charm of the traditional Chinese stage art to nearly 100 people from all walks of life.

The event was co-organized by DC's Beauty of Beijing Opera Ltd (DCBBO) and a local organization "Things to Do DC." Minister Jing Quan of the embassy attended the event.

At the event, the guests were shown the make-up process of a "guifei" (noble consort) as well as props and costumes used in the Beijing Opera. The history, performance features, and aesthetic values of the traditional art were also presented.

Through such performances as "Battle at the Hu Village," "Empty City Strategy," "Monkey King" and "Drunken Beauty," the audience had a glimpse of the major types of roles of the Beijing Opera and the basic skills including singing, reciting, acting, and martial arts.

The audience went on stage to experience horse riding, male role walking, combating, playing small gong -- a musical instrument in Beijing Opera -- and acting with water sleeves.

"This is unique. This is fantastic," Gregory Bland, CEO of Things to Do DC, told Xinhua. "I'm looking around: everyone's smiling; everyone's happy. They're running up to take pictures; they're running up to get involved; they're all asking questions."

Cultural events like this would help promote people-to-people exchanges, he said.

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