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Ethnic culture-inspired fashion show staged to welcome a time of prosperity

Updated: 2023-05-27 09:55 ( China Daily )
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Youngsters displaying spring and summer garments in a fashion show performed by adult and children models, which was staged at the Chinese Traditional Culture Museum in Beijing. It welcomed the arrival of xiaoman, the eighth solar term. [Photo provided to China Daily]

According to the designer, the colors present the changing hues of light and varying atmospheres associated with the several solar terms from early summer to early autumn.

Su Dan, deputy director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Museum, which is located in Beijing, said before the show that costumes constitute an important part of the immensity of cultural heritage, and what people used to wear and now wear carries rich information about the relations between people and nature, and how people define their social roles.

The deputy director said that, therefore, the show was a celebration of history and culture as well as the creative spirit and wisdom arising from people's long-term interaction with other lives in the world.

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