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An Encounter Across Time and Space: Art Handed Down by Word of Mouth

Updated: 2022-12-25 10:00 ( Chinaculture.org )
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In the face of time, dramas and operas dance on the stage in different forms, handed down by word of mouth by integrating the cultural memory into modern people's lives. Art Handed Down by Word of Mouth, the fourth episode of the video series, will present you with ancient Hellenic dramas and Kunqu Opera from China.

The ancient Greek drama, which originated in the 6th century BC, has a lasting charm. It is based on fairy tales and epics with majesty as its inherent style. Kunqu Opera, known as the "ancestor of all operas", has been popular for six hundred years, presenting the oriental romance, classical implicitness and Chinese aesthetics to every audience with exquisite performance.

The grand open-air theater and excellent acoustic design of Greece have created the magnificent momentum of ancient Hellenic drama. The poetic and picturesque charm of Suzhou gardens endows Kunqu Opera with lingering and graceful singing, and the melody of literati and writers endows Kunqu Opera with elegance and poetic flavor.