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An Encounter Across Time and Space: Dialogue between Eastern and Western Civilizations

Updated: 2022-12-20 15:15 ( Chinaculture.org )
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For more than 400 years, the Qin (221-206 BC) and Han (206 BC-220) dynasties laid a solid foundation for the enduring Chinese civilization. At the same time, ancient Hellas gave birth to the wisdom of Western civilization. The second episode of the video series, Dialogue between Eastern and Western Civilizations, will show you around the museums of Jiangsu and Hellas by stepping into this time-space tunnel for a spiritual dialogue with the two ancient civilizations.

The stone relief carved in the Han Dynasty can give you a glimpse of the ancient local customs through the stone carving walls, myths and legends, laws, and regulations. You can gaze into the Hellenic stone carvings that are as lifelike as they could be as if the tall and profound sculptures will make the Hellenic gods pop up in front of you.

Endowed with a rich array of cultural relics resources, Jiangsu has 335 registered museums with 13 of them at the national first-class level. In the Hellenic Republic, more than 200 museums record the glory of the ancient Hellenic civilization, allowing the world to gain insight into different aspects of Hellenic life. Footprint follows history. The innumerable cultural relics and starry civilizations in the museums of Jiangsu and Hellas that span ancient and modern history are awaiting your on-the-spot exploration.