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Amazing China in 60 Seconds: Heilongjiang

Updated: 2022-10-28 12:26 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Northeast China's Heilongjiang is the first province to embrace winter in China each year. The annual ice and snow period lasts for four to eight months, making it a top tourist destination in winter. People can enjoy rime, ice and snow sculptures, winter fishing, and various winter sports there. 

Famous tourist destinations in Heilongjiang include ice and snow forests, the Zhalong Wetlands, the glazing rime of Kurbin, the Wudalianchi (Five Linked Lakes) volcanic area, the Arctic Village, and the Harbin Ice and Snow World. 

Amazing China in 60 Seconds is a short-video series covering cultural and scenic hotspots across the country. 

Footage provided by the culture and tourism bureau of Heilongjiang