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Acrobatics: Superior Goodness Resembles Water

Updated: 2022-08-07 13:00 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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This performance is inspired by the philosophical thoughts of Laozi, a great philosopher and thinker in ancient China. Combining technology and art, the acrobats execute a one-armed handstand with nature as their background. The act aims to illustrate the law of universe as it was comprehended by Laozi: One is the child of the divine law, after one comes two, after two comes three, after three comes all things.

"Man imitates earth, earth imitates heaven, heaven follows the divine law and the divine law follows nature." The scene in which the performer observes the waterfall reproduces how Laozi came up with the thought—"Superior goodness resembles water. The water's goodness benefits all things, yet it quarrels not." It eventually became the essence of Laozi's philosophy, which went down in history and spread across the world.

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