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Show focuses on evolution of painting styles

Updated: 2022-07-15 08:32 ( CHINA DAILY )
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[Photo provided to China Daily]

Some of the paintings, such as The Soft Watch by Dali, Mother and Child from Picasso's blue period (1901-04), and 17 pieces by Modigliani are all on display as lithographic prints.

A set of the Dali Foundation's limited edition Twelve Signs of the Zodiac is also being featured in a specially designed space.

Visitors can find the Still Life series in watercolor by Morandi. Some of Arman's most iconic creations-painting installations made with disassembled musical instruments-are also on show.

"His method and works have influenced many future artists, and shaped the outlook of the contemporary art scene," Huang says. The Rockefeller Art Foundation is a private institution owned by the Rockefeller family, which has through the generations collected hundreds of thousands of artworks and exerted considerable influence in the art world.

The Rockefeller family's presence in China dated back to 1863.

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