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Updated: 2022-06-13 06:03 ( China Daily )
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For artisans

Handicrafts embody rich messages of history and culture. In the process of urbanization and globalization, the diversity of traditional crafts are being rediscovered, valued and developed. An exhibition now on at Suzhou Museum West brings together works by a younger generation of artisans in Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou, Jiangsu province, a region with a long history of producing handicrafts. The exhibition gives vivid examples of artisanship, including jade carving, gold sculpting, wood engraving, lacquer coating and embroidery. The show engages the audience in a discussion on how handicrafts have become an integral part of modern lifestyle, and a way for people to feel cultural identity. The exhibition runs through Aug 7.

9 am-5 pm, closed on Mondays. 399 Changjiang Road, Gaoxin district, Suzhou, Jiangsu province. 0512-6757-1665.

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