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The stirring of life

Updated: 2022-03-12 09:32 ( China Daily )
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Teachers and children fly kites together at the Rape Flower Base in Lianghekou village, Daoxian county, Yongzhou, Hunan province. The kindergarten chooses to have the interest class in the rapeseed field, allowing children to feel the charm of spring. [Photo by Jiang Keqing/For China Daily]

People, in general, regard spring as the beginning of a year when everything is fresh and full of vitality. Life displays its energy again, emerging from the icy clutches of winter. Although the first month of the lunar calendar is traditionally considered to be the first month of spring, real spring comes later.

More precisely, the Lichun (Beginning of Spring) solar term is regarded as the official start of spring. Although Lunar New Year is called Spring Festival, it is at the Beginning of Spring when people can truly welcome and feel the spring. The real early spring is called mengchun, which is counted from the beginning of the Lichun solar term to the time before the start of Jingzhe (Awakening of Insects).

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