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China issues new stamp collections to celebrate Year of the Tiger

Updated: 2022-01-06 14:00 ( CGTN )
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China Post issued a set of special stamps for the Year of the Tiger on Wednesday, marking the 42nd consecutive year since it issued the first zodiac stamps in 1980.

Unlike last year, where there was only one stamp, this time there are two, each depicting a different scene. The set costs 2.40 yuan ($0.38).

The first stamp is named "Guoyun Changlong," which means "national fortune and prosperity". It depicts a majestic tiger peering into the distance, artistically displaying the determination and ambition of China to develop itself in the new year.

Meanwhile, the stamp named "Huyun Jixiang" shows a heartwarming picture wherein a gentle mother tiger tends to her two baby tigers, extending the best wishes for family harmony and reunion to people all over the country.

Stamp designer artist Feng Dazhong said stamp design is not only an artistic creation but also bears a part of social responsibility and that as an artist, he is obligated to bravely undertake this work.

"Stamps are works of art on paper. It allows the artistic creation of famous artists to enter thousands of households in the most convenient way. Through the square inch stage, the light of art can bloom infinitely," said Lu Xiaobo, Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University and Vice Chairman of China Artists Association.

Kang Ning, deputy general manager of China Post Group Co., Ltd. said that stamp issuance resonates at the same frequency as the context of the times and social development.

"Zodiac stamps are considered as representative stamp art in China. We have been inviting famous artists to create stamps incorporating cultural concepts to send New Year's blessings to Chinese people," he said.

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