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Director Li Shibo on reproducing dance drama 'The Orphan of Zhao'

Updated: 2022-01-05 15:14 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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"I especially prefer those that can express humanity, provide the audience space for thinking and contain philosophical thoughts. Actually such subjects are very limited. So I felt very attached to this script," said Li Shibo, director of dance drama The Orphan of Zhao

How would Li and his cast in China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater turn the famous tragedy story into a dance drama, recreating real and touching characters? How to understand different characters in the play? What difficulties did the cast face in production? How did director Li used one scene to speak a thousand words and deeply touch the audience?

In this episode of "The Orphan of Zhao In the Eyes of Creators", director Li Shibo takes us behind the scenes. 

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