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Exhibition featuring Dunhuang costume culture unveiled

Updated: 2021-10-09 16:58 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Aiming to introduce Dunhuang costume culture to more artists, designers and Dunhuang art lovers, and to make Dunhuang art glow with vigor and vitality in the modern era, the opening ceremony of The Light of the Silk Road Dunhuang costume culture exhibition and the book launch of The Illustration of Dunhuang Costume Culture-The Early Tang Dynasty were held on Friday at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

The costume style and features of Dunhuang murals and colored sculptures are undoubtedly a vital part of Chinese costume history and the art treasure house of Chinese medieval costume culture, reflecting the outstanding artistic talents and life wisdom of ancient Chinese people. These materials constitute a museum of Chinese national costume culture and decorative arts, providing inexhaustible learning and research resources for art design and theoretical research workers.

The exhibits displayed this time are based on the field investigation conducted by the team members of the Dunhuang Costume Culture Research and Innovation Design Center, documentary data verification, character and costume renderings based on the Dunhuang frescos or images of colored sculptures and detailed images of key patterns, as well as representative costume art reproduction works.

These drawings and works are different from the reproduction of the current appearance of the Dunhuang murals and the restoration of the original Dunhuang murals. They are based on loyalty to the shape, color and composition of the Dunhuang murals. Principles of clothing language and pattern science were applied, new understandings and interpretation of the painters and the producer were added, incomplete parts were rationally supplemented and faded parts were scientifically perfected.

The exhibition is an art practice research based on first-hand materials and authentic artistic experience.

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