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Henan TV show to celebrate magic of Qixi Festival

Updated: 2021-08-12 16:51 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Since Chinese New Year at the beginning of 2021, Henan TV has drawn the interest of Chinese netizens with its series of exquisite videos highlighting holidays such as the Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.

The underwater dance performance titled Pray, aired to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival along with an array of shows, was a successful example of reinvigorating traditional Chinese culture. People commented that every frame of the performance looked like a mural, with some saying the show embodied real cultural confidence.

With the upcoming Qixi Festival, known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, Henan TV will unveil a new production – about not only romance, but also dreams and endeavors. New technologies such as augmented reality will add to the excitement for the audience.

The new video show, Magical Trip on Qixi, will be available on Aug 13.