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Turpan: Pearl of the Silk Road

Updated: 2021-04-03 15:05 ( Chinaculture.org )
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Turpan, in the mid-east region of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, was a major town on the ancient Silk Road. It is located at the Turpan Basin and known as a "fire city" due to its dry and scorching climate. It is a perfect place for growing and drying grapes and other fruits.

The mysterious Flaming Mountains depicted in the Chinese classic Journey to the West are located here. It also has relic sites that are thousands of years old, such as the Jiaohe Ruins, Gaochang Ancient City and Astana Tombs, which has preserved millennium-old bodies.

The spectacular man-made subterranean river system Karez is another not-to-miss place in Turpan, which is designed by locals to reduce evaporation.