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Ancient sites link with future

2023-06-09 06:16

China now has 56 entries on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. President Xi Jinping has visited various sites or offered key guidance on the protection of the nation's historical legacies on various occasions in recent years.

Framing a new look at womanhood

2023-06-06 06:01

Exhibition examines identity and experience from a female perspective, Xu Haoyu reports.

'Sharing China' 2023 contest winners unveiled

2023-06-05 16:24

The “Sharing China - Happy Chinese New Year Contest 2023” concluded its final review recently in Beijing and unveiled its winning entries.

Two-man show seeks the rhythm of nature and truth of life

2023-05-22 10:30

To Seek, an ongoing exhibition at Song Art Museum in Beijing, juxtaposes the paintings of Wei Zongyao and sculptures of Wei Jin, in whose realms of art one would investigate on the rules of nature and life by finding clues left by the two artists in their work.

Dunhuang animation festival wraps up

2023-05-05 14:35

An animation festival showcasing domestic and foreign animations at theaters and tourist attractions like the Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park and the historic site of the Yumenguan Pass wrapped up on Wednesday in Dunhuang, Gansu province.

Oil artist keeps pushing the frontier

2023-05-04 11:04

A foremost figure in abstract painting and installation art, Zhu Jinshi has made a name for establishing a "thick painting" style that is marked with a highly saturated palette and multiple layers of colors to deliver a weighty, three-dimensional effect.

Images show flowers in an artistic way

2023-03-27 10:26

As spring has arrived, a photography exhibition featuring artistic flowers is being held at the Xiguan Garden in Guangzhou Cultural Park, Guangzhou province.

Cherry blossoms delight tourists in Guizhou

2023-03-23 10:22

Cherry blossoms delight visitors in Guizhou

Swans forage in Hongcun village, NE China

2023-02-24 14:25

Swans forage in Hongcun village, Bajiazi township, Beipiao of Northeast China's Liaoning province, Feb 21, 2023. Thanks to the improvement of water quality and people's awareness of animal protection, the number of swans overwintering here has increased from over 40 to more than 400 since 2011. And the swans also attract tourists to the river bank

A design for life

2023-02-21 08:32

Fans of Jeff Dayu Shi, an internationally acclaimed designer, had a pleasant surprise at the beginning of this year. Not only had he, somewhat unexpectedly, designed a new product representing the Year of the Rabbit, but it went on to win a German Design Award Special Mention.

Spring flowers attract tourists across China

2023-02-13 17:21

Spring flowers attract tourists across China

Dancing dragons, firecrackers tickle travelers

2023-02-09 08:45

NANNING — Amid the earsplitting sound of firecrackers and the dazzling glitter of firelight, shirtless men danced a colorful bamboo dragon through the streets, as people threw lit firecrackers.

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