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Tim Yip reflects and reinvents in exhibition retrospective

Updated: 2019-07-18 10:38:10

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Creations by designer and artist Tim Yip are on show at Tim Yip: Mirror at the Today Art Museum in Beijing .  [Photo provided to China Daily]

Installations, new media works, sculptures, costumes and photos are all on display, exploring Yip's thoughts on the different ways human beings handle the internal world of the self and the external world around them, particularly in a digital era. He treats the exhibition as a stage on which opera design, Chinese textiles, costume and video production all interact with each other to create an immersive play of his artistic experiences.

Gao Peng, director of Today Art Museum, says when his team began working on the exhibition, they anticipated a display of many of Yip's stage and cinematic art; Yip, however, wanted to renew people's expectations of his work. He wanted to show to people his life as an artist has just begun, and it was a course inspired by but vastly unlike his past achievements in film.

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