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Polish fete in China brings two countries even closer

Updated: 2019-06-24 08:00:00

( Xinhua )

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The fourth edition of the Polish Circles of Art in China Festival in Beijing is currently bringing Polish art to Chinese audiences and deepening cultural links between the two countries.

Polish pianist Grzegorz Niemczuk played at the opening of the festival recently, and his performance marked the completion of a cycle of six concerts in cities across China, which began in early June.

Speaking about his performances in China, Niemczuk says: "This tour was the grand opening for the current edition of the festival. I will remember these concerts for a long time-sold out venues, very emotional audiences. There is nothing more beautiful for a musician than to realize that his art reaches listeners and moves them.

"Each edition of the Polish Circles of Art Festival evokes more emotions. The festival provides me with new inspiration and shows how people can be influenced by art."

The Polish Circles of Art in China Festival has been held annually since 2016 by a Polish foundation with a similar name. According to the organizers, Polish visual artists, musicians, filmmakers and video producers have presented their works in over 16 Chinese cities so far as part of the event.

Last year, a jazz ensemble was created bearing the name of the festival.

In January this year, a Polish edition of the festival took place, featuring Chinese Yue Opera, one of the most popular Chinese opera genres, which was performed for the first time in Poland with shows in Warsaw, Kielce and Krakow. According to Polish media reports, the three shows were sold out, and the Polish audiences were impressed with the elaborate costumes, seeing women interpret male roles and also by the music played with traditional Chinese instruments.

Speaking about the Chinese shows in Poland, Wojciech Majewski, the festival director, says: "Earlier, we were more than happy to present to Chinese audiences all aspects of Polish art: music, film, visual arts, multimedia and others. But we are now impressed by Chinese cultural and artistic heritage.

"So, while presenting Polish art in China, we are also showing Chinese art in Poland.

"We believe that art will help to bring our nations closer, especially this year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of Polish-Chinese relations."

Meanwhile, events as part of the fourth edition of the festival will continue to take place until the end of the year.

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