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Giant pandas now have official global emblem

Updated: 2019-06-13 07:57:10

( China Daily )

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A Cartoon depicts A Pu, emblem of giant pandas. [Photo provided to China Daily]

UPanda art exchange activities will take place and concerts by Chinese artists, including pianist Wu Muye, will introduce music combining traditional Chinese and Western elements to people worldwide.

Jointly organized by the communication center and the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, the competition launched in February attracted designers from around the world.

The image of A Pu, created by a Beijing-based team with lead designer Wang Tianshi, was the ultimate winner.

Wang gave A Pu the identity of a young male panda who will soon be a freshman in college and loves playing table tennis. A Pu wears a red T-shirt on which an image of his favorite food-bamboo shoot-can be seen. The eyes of A Pu are heart-shaped, suggesting sentiments of love and caring.

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