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Beneath the blue

Updated: 2019-05-10 08:19:54

( China Daily )

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Toy, at the Coral Triangle, by Hayes. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The opening day of the exhibition was also the 50th Earth Day, with the theme "protect our species".

The planet has already lost many species, she points out. Half of the coral reefs are gone, as are 90 percent of sharks, she says.

"We did not know the loss of coral reefs, ice, sharks and tunas could matter to humans, but now we know. That's the good news," says Earle.

With knowing comes caring, and with caring comes hope. Earle hopes people make the shift to protect the natural world-to care for trees for more than turning them into timber, to look at fish as more than just something to eat because they're part of the natural web of life that keeps humans alive.

"We have taken from the ocean, from nature throughout all of our history," she says.

"Why not let this be a time when we deliberately, proactively make an effort and make a commitment to give back?"

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