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Beneath the blue

Updated: 2019-05-10 08:19:54

( China Daily )

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Comfort, an image from the Arctic by Jennifer Hayes. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"The dream is that this exhibition that came about as a collaboration among scientists, artists, musicians and explorers-all using their respective ways of looking and learning-and bring it together visually and in words and in music and in images. All they want is to share the view," Earle says.

Earle was born in 1935 and holds nearly 30 honorary degrees. She has lectured in over 90 countries and authored more than 200 scientific, technical and popular publications, including 13 books, such as The World Is Blue.

She has spent over 7,000 hours under the sea and discovered thousands of aquatic species. Earle has been deemed a "hero of the planet" by Time and dubbed "her deepness" by The New York Times.

"People ask me sometimes, 'What are the biggest problems facing the ocean?' Of course, it's what we are putting into the sea, what we're taking out of the ocean, but I think the biggest problem is ignorance-people do not know why they should care about the ocean," she says.

Earle recalls there were few plastics when she was a child.

"These synthetic materials that have been so valuable to humans, now, we understand that there is a hidden cost," she says.

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