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Int'l digital art show lands in Beijing

Updated: 2017-12-07 15:58:11

( CGTN )

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The works are made by artists with different styles and from various cultural backgrounds. Besides ocean pollution, the artists used diverse media forms to ponder widely-debated issues facing our age, including privacy, AI and the refugee crisis.

"Personally, my favorite art work is Slide to Expose," said exhibition coordinator Guan Huijun. "It was made by a young art group from New York. They use a pink room to describe an 18-year-old private life. Audiences come in and out. If they download an app and come back, they can see different animations. It tells the secrets of the girl, a little about death, survival... It’s interesting."

Abstract Playground is a screen-based interactive artwork. Users can try their hand at being an amateur architect. It was designed over five weeks alongside people with learning difficulties.

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