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Grammy treat ahead

Updated: 2017-08-11 08:17:08

( China Daily )

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Portnow came to China a few times after that and watched the annual Beijing Music Festival, created by Yu.

But bridging culture isn't easy. Making phones is easier because the process is technical, he says.

"When you are making art, it's very open and creative, and it's unpredictable. You have two cultures, two economies, two government systems, different regulations, time change, the distance, all of them make challenges, but anything good is worth doing. It takes work and we are prepared for the work."

The Recording Academy and the local company Bravo Entertainment have established China Music Vision Ltd, a partnership company, to work on the Grammy Festival in the country.

"We need local people who understand China and music, know both business and art," says Portnow.

Chinese people may feel familiar with the Grammy Awards but many don't know that it was the Recording Academy that created the awards in 1957.

"For 60 years, they've worked to help the world musically and culturally. They protect musicians' rights and provide music education in poor communities," says Michael Sun, CEO, China Music Vision Ltd.

"We hope to use the platform to bring more Chinese musicians to the world stage and connect them to the international music community."

The Chinese audience can watch the Grammys on TV, but Bravo Entertainment wanted to go a step further and bring them a live-concert experience with Chinese cultural elements in it, says company CEO Steven Fock.

"We will try to carry on the excellence that the Grammys are known for."


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