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Show puts spotlight on Maritime Silk Road

Updated: 2016-09-07 07:50:02

( China Daily )

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The show Dream of the Maritime Silk Road features a dancer during its Fujian performance on Aug 30. [Photo by Hu Meidong/China Daily]

The Maritime Silk Road, which ran from China through Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean to Europe, took shape about the time of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and reached its peak during the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) dynasties.

The route, once used by legendary travelers such as Marco Polo and the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, originated in Quanzhou, which was where different cultures met, and which served as an international port.

Quanzhou was then known for its local Minnan culture (southern Fujian), artificial flowers, white chinaware, Oolong tea and folk music.

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