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Aiming transnational cultural exchanges at the future

Updated: 2015-05-15 09:22:44

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The building that houses China Cultural Center in Brussels. [Photo by Wen Zongduo and Fu Jing/chinadaily.com.cn]

Brussels: Further cultural exchanges between China and Belgium should aim at a future of shared interests and encourage people, especially the youths, to interact with each other, said veteran China expert Serge Pairoux of Belgium.

Such exchanges have to be plain and concise in order to get their meanings cross and be accepted by the general public, he said while in discussion about the China Cultural Center in downtown Brussels, where Belgian, Chinese and French engineers and workers are making final preparations for its opening of operations this summer.

"No doubt the China Cultural Center is significant, particularly because Brussels is full of lobby groups that try to influence policy making of the European Union," Pairoux said. Just as Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb once said, "Studying China is studying intelligence."

A lack of knowledge about China among ordinary Belgians makes it necessary to start from the basics while introducing the ancient civilization.

But the cultural center should not stay at unilateral and static shows. "It will be much better for the center to explain and expound on China and let visitors experience today's China."

He noted that Chinese leadership has an open mind in engaging the world in solving development problems of common concern, including such globally prevalent issues as corruption and environmental degradation. The Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping has drawn wide participation in building win-win relations among Eurasian countries.

And it will always be pleasant for all "if the beautiful China is presented beautifully with international means of technology," he said. Even the Chinese characters could exemplify art in distinct styles.

Moreover, the treasure of traditional ideology of the country should be combined with modern thinking and state-of-art technology in and beyond the center.

Universities could organize their students to join in group activities, such as varied contests of the youths and theatrical performances by them. These activities should inspire the interest of ordinary people so that they would be active in participation.

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