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Silver Ornaments of the Miao Ethnic Group

Updated: 2014-12-02 11:02:18

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Silver Chest Bands

A popular silver chest decoration, the bands are usually rectangular or semicircular and evolved from longevity locks . Some smaller ones are made of single pieces, and bigger ones are made up of two or three pieces, covering almost the whole chest and abdomen with a highly decorative effect.

Silver Hanging Decorations

The most common hanging decorations are shaped like butterflies, birds, fish, coins, and riding figures. They usually consist of chains, brands, and pendants arranged in as many as four to five levels, and the longest can be up to 85 cm long.

 Hand Decorations

Silver Bracelets

Bracelets are an important part of the Miao people's silver decorations. There are many variations in shape and different styles represent the diversified tastes of various Miao group branches. People usually wear four or five pairs of bracelets at a time up their forearms.

Silver Rings

Miao silver rings are usually large and wide featuring birds, flowers or vines. There is no specific restriction on how many or where to wear rings. The Miao people near Guiyang sometimes wear eight rings at one time - one on each finger except the two thumbs. In comparison with other silver Miao ornaments, there are few patterns and styles for rings, and they are only popular in a small number of regions.

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