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Chinese Peasant Painting

Updated: 2014-11-30 13:15:42

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Sharing the common traits of the rural pastures and gleeful atmosphere characterized by Chinese peasant paintings, Wuyang folk paintings are featured by the geometrical patterns designed in their brushwork. The painting "Off the Sunning Ground" (to the right) gives an example of such style. The ground is covered by drying-grains in the shape of several concentric circles as a farmer is leading two cows on the ground. In the sun, the grains are shining in golden circles, which gives prominence to the theme of harvest. Outside the sunning ground are a number of farmers who are busy with farm work and help add dynamic flavor to the charming seasons. The pattern of circles lends aesthetic symmetry to the vigorous scenes. Besides, circles in Chinese symbolize consummate or perfect condition.

It is not desirable to exhaust a complete picture of any country's folk culture. In addition, words can never be a close match to the actual works. Therefore it is a pity for a traveler to China to miss the rich treasury of folk culture. After all, in a country where farmers account for 70 percent of the nation's total population, the essence of folk culture lies in Chinese peasant arts.

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