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Chinese Peasant Painting

Updated: 2014-11-30 13:15:42

( Chinaculture.org )

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"They must be Chinese works!" This is likely your first thought upon a quick and casual glance at the two below paintings, which are marked by bright colors and vibrating with a vivaciously rural style and bold imaginations. The brush strokes are absolutely Chinese. Or more specific, they are Chinese peasant or Chinese folk paintings. The unique brushwork is highly regarded throughout the world for its theory, expression, and techniques.

Just as the name implies, Chinese Peasant paintings are created by Chinese farmers or peasant artists. Their compositions are linked with the daily life in rural areas, covering farm work and animals, festivals, music, village customs, harvest scenes, and children. Theses subjects completely free themselves from staleness and are always painted in grand fashion. The style can be described as primitive, with childlike figures, vivid colors, and exaggerated forms that are far beyond the common world of most people. A case in point is the contour of the chickens and the worm in the first picture.

Both the hen and the rooster, gorgeously designed, easily arouse the image of the legendary phoenix, especially with the hen supported by its two legs, each as strong as the hind legs of the larger rooster.

The rooster, standing on the back of the hen, looks like a bird since its green feather is so brilliantly decorated. The lively worm, on the other hand, stares at its predator the hen with no signs of dread although it is insignificant in terms of size.

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