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Tai Ji Quan

Updated: 2006-11-19 11:01:31

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(Yang-style, Chen-style)


Sort:Acrobatics& Sports

Area:Hebei andHenan Provinces

Serial No.:Ⅵ-11

Tai Ji Quan is a major division of Chinese martial art. Literally, Tai Ji Quan means "supreme ultimate fist"; Tai means "supreme", Ji means "ultimate", and Quan means "fist."

Ⅰ. Origin

There are different stories about the origin of Tai Ji Quan. The traditional legend goes that the wise man Zhang Sanfeng of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) created Tai Ji Quan after he had witnessed a fight between a sparrow and a snake; while most people agree that modern Tai Ji Quan originated from Chen-style Tai Ji Quan, which first appeared during the 19th century in the Daoguang Reign of theQing Dynasty(1644-1911).

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