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The Blossom Ballad of Zuoquan

Updated: 2006-11-19 18:14:57

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Time: 2006

Sort: Folk Music

Area:Shanxi Province

Serial No.: Ⅱ-1

Declarer: Zuoquan County, Shanxi Province

A county of Shanxi Province, Zuoquan, like other places in the province, is famous for its unique ballad whose history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).

Why is it called a blossom ballad? Because in the ballad everything blossoms. Not only do the flowers blossom, scissors, broomsticks, as well as glass and even the locks of the doors, can blossom. This unique feature of the ballad lies in its lyrics. For example:

"The lock of the door has blossomed, So I see my lover walk inside."

The first sentences are always about something that has blossomed, and the following ones are to point out what really happened. Those interesting metaphors vividly represent the lives of Zouquan -- where it is rustic yet natural and innocent, full of simple joy.

What distinguishes the Blossom Ballad of Zuoquan from any other folk songs from Shanxi Province is the tone. Compared to the direct sorrow of the Ballad of Hequ - another folk song of Shanxi Province -- the Blossom Ballad is a much more euphemistic merry folk song whose rhythm is neat and clear.

Ever since the 1940s, music lovers have been collecting different versions of the Blossom Ballad of Zuoquan and by now, there are over 100 versions of the song..

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