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Celebrations to commemorate the 121st anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth held in Beijing

2014-12-29 18:42
A three-hour celebration activity was held in Beijing to commemorate the 121st birthday of Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing on December 26.

Top 10 fine relics of China Hongshan Culture were unveiled in Inner Mongolia

2014-12-29 16:10
The Institute of Chinese Archaeology Public Archaeological Professional Guidance Committee unveiled the Top 10 fine cultural relics of China Hongshan Culture in Chifeng city

Confucius hometown offers free tours for Analects-chanting foreigners

2014-12-28 09:31
Foreigners who can recite five famous quotes of Confucius will be given free tours to his birthplace, according to a new policy by China's Qufu city aimed at promoting the wisdom of the ancient philosopher.

China appoints new minister of culture

2014-12-29 09:01
China's top legislature on Sunday appointed Luo Shugang as minister of culture.

China sees museums grow to 4,165

2014-12-29 13:20
The number of museums registered in China has reached 4,165, which doubled in the past 10 years, according to new figures revealed on Dec 25.

Chinese novel in The Economist's yearly best books

2014-12-26 17:04
The English magazine The Economist announced the best books of the year with Chinese writer Mai Jia's novel, Decoded, on the list.

Germany's Chinese restaurants become hot spots

2014-12-26 11:03
To have authentic Chinese family meals in a Chinese restaurant has become the top item on the to-do-list for many Germans during the current Christmas season.

Cultural exchanges flourish to mark 65th anniversary of Sino-Czech ties

2014-12-25 16:21
A series of cultural events put bilateral relations to a new level amid the 65th anniversary of Sino-Czech diplomatic ties.

How to make Chinese traditional festivals more attractive

2014-12-25 16:27
People felt a strong and happy festive atmosphere in Beijing on Dec 24, and the Christmas Eve turned out to be another carnival for youths and kids just like the Halloween not long ago.

Yearender: Celebrations marking 50 years of Sino-French relations

2014-12-24 13:50

This year saw a number of cultural activities to celebrate Sino-French relations, including exhibitions, forums, concerts and film festivals. As this year will soon end, let’s take a retrospective look at some of those exciting events.

Tolkien's holiday tradition

2014-12-24 08:53
The Lord of the Rings author penned letters to his children under the name Father Christmas. Now they have been translated into Chinese.

Top 10 works for 2015 Chinese New Year concert finalized

2014-12-23 15:36
The on-site assessment concert of “Happy Chinese New Year” symphonic works collection campaign was held in Beijing on Dec 16.
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