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Qinghai Handmade Tibetan Carpet on display in Beijing

2014-11-25 09:52:20



A visitor appreciates a Qinghai handmade Tibetan carpet at the exhibition on Nov 23. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Tibetan carpets displayed at the exhibition [Photo/Xinhua]

The Dream of Tibet - Qinghai Handmade Tibetan Carpet Art Exhibition, co-hosted by the Culture, Press and Publication Department of Qinghai Province, Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group and Beijing PoloArts International Entertainment Co. Ltd., opened at the Imperial Granary Exhibition Hall and 798 Exhibition Hall on Nov 23.

The exhibition blends different elements of both selected artworks of traditional Tibetan carpet and modern-design furniture, and creates a living space rich in artistic flavor. The Tibetan carpet weaving performance adds more spice to the exhibition, and presents the unique appeal of Chinese traditional handicrafts in a multi-dimensional and multi-angled way. The Tibetan-style paintings of famous artist Li Yong'an will also be displayed at the exhibition.

Xiang Zhaolun, vice minister of the Chinese Culture Ministry, and officials from the Culture Industry Department, the Culture Market Department and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department under the Chinese Culture Ministry, as well as China Cultural Media Group Ltd. and the Culture, Press and Publication Department of Qinghai Province attended the opening ceremony on Nov 23.

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