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Hot Designs: Chinese Wax Printing

2014-12-01 14:08:10

Chinese wax printing is a special Chinese handicraft typical of ethnic characteristics and local styles.

Art in a Tub

2014-12-01 14:08:10

Chinese potted landscape is praised as "silent poetry" or "stereoscopic paintings".

Alluring Artworks from Straws

2014-12-01 14:08:10

The straw patchwork is basically an art of "cut-and-paste", just like paper-cuts.

Life of a stone carver

2014-12-01 14:08:10

Liu Qingshan, 60, comes from a family of stone carvers in Quyang county, Hebei province. At 12 he started learning the handicraft from his father.

100 Dong women demonstrate tradition textile technique

2014-12-01 14:08:10

More than 100 women of Dong ethnic minority demonstrated their traditional textile technique to tourists in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Nov. 15, 2014.

Little puppeteers dream big

2014-12-01 14:08:10

We do not usually associate the ancient art form of shadow puppetry with little people, but the two fit each other perfectly in the shadow puppetry performing troupe The Little Ants.

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