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Kirgiz men usually wear a blue or black sleeveless long gown made of sheepskin or cotton cloth over a white round-collared shirt with embroidered laces. Some wear a collarless long gown made of camel-hair and laced with black cloth around the cuffs. They hang a small knife or flint on their leather belts, and often put on leather trousers and boots. They look very brave in their costumes.


2014-12-11 15:08:56

Jino women usually wear collarless jackets buttoned down the front, with the upper sleeves made of black or white cloth while the lower part of cloth in seven colors such as red, blue, yellow and white. Besides, they wear short skirts hemmed with red lace.


2014-12-11 15:08:56

Clothing for herdsmen of the Ewenki ethnic minority includes a loose long gown buttoned down on one side with a long waistband. They put on a big fur coat when doing labor work. In winter, they wear jackets and pants made of longhaired, thick rawhide, together with boots, hats and gloves all made from animal skin.

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