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Guide to snacking and snack food in Xiamen

2014-05-14 10:13:01

(WOX Team)


10) Chinese chives bun 韭菜盒

Its skin is made by flour and pig fat, the stuffing are pork, shrimp meat, chufa, Chinese chives, carrot and dried tofu etc. All the ingredients are wrapped in the skin and fried in the oil, it's very crisp.

11) Jihong cake 桔红糕

It's made of glutinous rice, with a thin layer of special powder outside each cake. It is a popular desert snack. It's known both at home and abroad.

12) Glutinous rice cake or Maci 麻糍

It's made of glutinous rice, inside the maci is peanut powder, black and white sesame seeds powder and sugar. Outside the maci is wrapped with a layer of black sesame seeds powder.

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