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Guide to snacking and snack food in Xiamen

2014-05-14 10:13:01

(WOX Team)


4) Tusun Dong (Tusun Jelly) 土笋冻

Tusun Jelly's main material is a kind of worm found in muddy seabed. It contains gelatin, after cooking the gelatin is mixed with the water, and form to jelly after getting cold. Eating with soy, vinegar, sugar sauce, pepper sauce, garlic sauce, mustard, radish etc, it's really good to taste and very high in protein.

5) Shacha Noodle 沙茶面

This is a very common dish. The specialness of Shacha noodle is that its soup is made by Shacha sauce and pork or chicken bones soup , you can add any food materials you like in the noodle like pig's liver, pig's kidney, duck's tendon, and dried tofu etc.

6) Shrimp Noodle Soup 虾面

The main material of shrimp noodles are fresh shrimp and noodles, its soup is one of the the most delicious.

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