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Xiamen Zheng Chenggong Memorial



Xiamen Zheng Chenggong Memorial was built in 1962 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Zheng's recapture ofTaiwanfrom Dutch invaders. It is located in Riguang Yan,Xiamen,FujianProvince, where Zheng was stationed andtrained his troops. Existing relics include the camp gate, drill ground, etc.

The Memorial collected a total of 365, among which 22 are considered first-class treasures. With material subjects, documents and other supplementary exhibitions in the seven display halls, the memorial systematically introduces Zheng's deeds and life achievements, such as fighting the Qing government, recapturing and developingTaiwan, etc. Zheng's portrayal, handwriting, epitaph, clothing, as well as campaign gown, armour and cannons, etc., are also on display.

The memorial has also launched the Zheng Chenggong Seminar and published many monographs about Zheng.

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